When you think of a PTA or PTSA, do images of handing out cookies and helping teachers in the classroom come to mind? Or perhaps it’s a group of volunteers putting together a bake sale fundraiser or running a book fair, Or reading to children or serving meals to teachers and staff. All good images…and things that PTAs often do! The Alki PTSA is proud to engage in many of those activities, along with…

    • Awarding Teacher Grants so that our students have the more enriching and diverse learning experiences possible
    • Working alongside other parent groups to be a “powerful voice for children” at the local, state and national levels
    • Raising funds so that we can meet the needs of our school and community
    • Helping at Student Socials by providing free snacks for all those hungry dancers
  • Gathering items for local families in need through various programs, such as the Giving Tree.

Those are just a few of the things your Alki PTSA does. We want to do more, and can only do so with your continued support. Would you like to be a part of all this? To become a member, simply fill out the Alki PTSA Membership Form 2018-19 and send it in to the school.

Remember that membership needs to be renewed annually.

Questions? Click HERE to contact our Membership Coordinator.